Retevis RT97 – Why use a repeater?

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What is the maximum call distance of the handheld walkie-talkie?

Commonly used handheld station frequency is UHF: 430mHz~520mHz.The UHF radio wave transmission method is straight line propagation. The maximum theoretical talk distance of the walkie-talkie,Approximately equal to the direct viewing distance of people on Earth. This is determined by the Earth’s surface and the height of the antenna. Two 6feet people talking on the handheld walkie-talkie. The maximum communication distance is 6.94mi.

Human eye visible distance on Earth

 Transmitter and receiver theoretical maximum distance

The building landscape to the radio barrier.The city is developing rapidly, with high-rise buildings.The pace of urban modernization has accelerated.The intensity of construction has increased dramatically. Radios cannot travel in a straight line, often by diffraction, reflection, etc.

Rapid urban development

These methods have a great effect on the reduction of radio. Furthermore, there is an increase in living appliances, urban infrastructure, automobiles, and various mechanical and electronic equipment. Both generate a lot of radiation. These ubiquitous radiated waves also have a serious impact on radio communications. UHF is widely used because of its excellent anti-interference and penetration capabilities. However, the propagation distance of UHF is relatively short.

Radio transmission received various obstacles

In addition to the times, lightning, rain, sand and dust have also reduced the radio. These make the actual communication distance much smaller than the theoretical communication distance. The way to increase the power of the handset can also increase the communication distance.


Why use a repeater?

Increasing the transmission power of the intercom is an easy way to increase the communication distance. But the walkie-talkie is very close to the human body. Very close, there has been direct contact. High-powered handheld walkie-talkies have a certain impact on the body. The way to increase power and increase communication distance is not the right direction.


What is the role of the repeater?

The relay station is a device for increasing the communication distance and expanding the coverage in the wireless intercom system. The relay station, also known as the relay station, the forwarding station, and the differential station, is an indispensable important device in the field of dedicated mobile communication.

Ultra-high-height antenna increases communication distance

The relay signal doubles the communication distance

The role of the repeater is to relay and amplify the signal. Used to increase communication distance and extend signal coverage.


Why choose Retevis RT97?

Large repeaters have many functions and power. However, the location is troublesome, the installation is difficult, the equipment is complicated, the cost is high, and the maintenance is difficult.

Large relay system equipment is complicated

Geographical location rental and maintenance difficulties

Equipment installation and maintenance difficulties

In some places where high power and many functions are required, RT97 is more suitable.

Small size and light weight

For example: farms, playgrounds, interiors, underground and underground communication, concerts, car races, go-karting competitions, outdoor gatherings, outdoor walking, cycling, and emergency use in emergencies.

Blind area coverage

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