The unique repeater RT97

The unique repeater RT97, your best choice!!

Worried about the talking distance?

Don’t know how to install a repeater?

Feeling dizzy about complex functions?

Helpless with the big&heavy repeater that is difficult to carry on?

It’s time to say goodbye because the RT97 is coming!

RT97 is a convenient installation, easy to use, low power, light weight brand new repeater.

Convenient installation

You only need to set up a simple antenna for RT97, such as RETEVIS C9073A, an adjustable frequency aluminum alloy antenna, and it will work just connect with a power supply. It will be pretty convenient for temporary outdoor mobile construction.

Easy using

RT97 don’t have such complex remote control functions as DTMF, 5 Tone, Remote kill/stun/activate, PPT ID.

You may ask can it be use normally?

The answer is certainly can.

Just with the functions of optional high/low power, VOX Level, Transfer function, Squelch Level, Key Lock are enough. It will be MORE fit the ones who don’t want to apply for channels and certificates! And it will also perform pretty well for the ones who requires easy operation and easy using.

Low power

RT97 has only 10W, which will be widely used by property underground parking lot, communication signal coverage between floors, hotel and KTV, also Industrial and mining, security, forests, events, etc.The signal will be perfectly covered.

Light weighted

We have another repeater model RT9550D, with the size 620x410x190mm and weight is about 14kg.

But this RT97, only 310x283x170mm, almost 1/3 size of the RT9550D. As for the weight, RT97 is 1.66kg


Retevis RT97, the convenient installation, easy using, low power, small size&light weight repeater, you deserve to have.


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