What circumstance can you use RT97?

Do you know about RT97?RT97 is our repeater that is released recently. it is analog repeater,it has UHF or VHF frequency band, and you also can customize frequency range according to your daily use needs. So compared with other repeaters, what is the advantange of RT97? Under what circumstance can you use it? Let’s discussion it together.

  1. RT97 is small size,you can carry it freely

    The size of RT97 is 310×283×170mm, it is so small that you can carry it in your car when you camping outdoor, needn’t take up a lot of space.

  2. It can be use convenient

    In the package of RT97,we supply 1 car charge cable,you can use it in your car. so you needn’t worry about electory supply when in the wield,you can go everywhere that you want.

    Since RT97 is small size,and the weight is light,just 2.7kg,it is carry convenient,so it is popular with many people.So what circumstance can you use RT97?

    1. When you want expand your communication distance,you can consider RT97 protable repeater

    Somthimes, when your work circumstance need long distance communication, however, your radios can’t meets this need,you can use a repeater to realize the requirement. The frequency range of RT97 is 400-470MHz or136-174MHZ, you can select your communciation frequency to customize RT97. It can expand your cummunication distance easily,then can greatly improve work efficiency.

    2. When have outdoor activities

    Our many customers often have camp activities, like hiking,in this circumstance,repeater is popular with them. Since communication need long distance,you can also carry RT97 in your car, it is convenience to many people communication.

  3. Outdoor work,need a repeater to assistant them

    Many people work outdoor, example lumberjack, it is need work in the forest. Generally speaking, the diatnce is farther and with thick woods, so it is difficult to talk with each other.If you have a repeater, you can put a repeater on your car or any place where electricity can be supplied, then you can talk to your colleagues easily.

    Since RT97 has many advantanges when using, it can use for many work place,it can improve communication skills, so do you want a RT97 repeater? If you need more information about RT97, here is the link: https://www.retevis.com/rt97-portable-repeater-power-amplifier-uhf

    Could you please check it if you like?

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