RT97 can be used in factory workshop

Our a customer working for a large car company, he use H777 radios apply for communication between sales centers and production workshops. He want a repeater to boost signal,So how does he operater it? Do you can also use it to extand communication distance? Let learn it together.

  1. Where to place the RT97 repeater? 

    Our customer put the RT97 in their company’s  service center , it is in the center betwen the sales department and factory workshop. So it is better to place repeater in the center of communication distance, it will has better communication quality.

  2. The specific communication circumstance when use the radios.

    Our client has 22 H777 radios. In daily work, when salesman in the sales hall, they need to converse with worker in the workshop, also can communicate with technical staff, so radios

    is needed when in daily work. However, they want to expend the distance, so they are interest in a repeater when the RT97 just released. They want the all of radios to boost signal,

    RT97 can realize this target. And compare to other repeaters, it is cheaper, just need $399, and if you purchase it on our offical website, we bear the freight, we can ship ot to you


    So how to boost the signal?

    RT97 is annalog repeater, so you need to connect to analog radios or analog part of a radio.When operate it, you need use a quality better antenna when in open area, Please set the

    antenna higher, then it will has better signal quality.

    When set frequency and CTCSS/DCS of RT97, just set in H777 software with reversed frequency and CTCSS/DCS is ok.

    Now do you have a better comprehend RT97?RT97 can also apply many other circumstance,so in your daily work or communication, if you want to boost singal of radios,you can

    select RT97 repeater.Here is the link of RT97 repeater: https://www.retevis.com/rt97-portable-repeater-power-amplifier-uhf, if you have any question,please contact support@retevis.com freely.

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