Antenna interface for Repeater and Mobile Radio

Antenna interface for Repeater and Mobile Radio

Many radio enthusiasts will have doubts about the problems of the selection of interfaces and feeders, such as car seedlings, hand-held antennas, and sticks.

Connector model description: Now we will divide the connector into male and female, the male is the “J” port, and the female is the “K” port.

Commonly used models of antenna interface for Repeater and Mobile Radio:

  1. SL16 interface; used in various engineering and early walkie-talkie radio stations, the interface is simple in process, and is often used for ordinary wiring. The advantage is: strong and durable.
  2. L16 interface; evolved from SL16, the interface is waterproof and leakproof, and is now used in demanding machine.
  3. BNC interface; BNC interface is also called Q9. This interface is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is used on monitoring, detectors and other devices that need to be replaced at any time.
  4. TNC interface; evolved from the machines of Marantz 260, Kenwood 378, etc., the new machines are no longer needed.
  5. MOTO interface; is developed by MOTOROLA for vehicle-mounted radio equipment. It has been popularized in one stage, and later changed to BNC interface. It is only used on older machines.
  6. SMA interface; the more common interface of handheld radios at present is already common.

Retevis RT97 antenna interface

Our RETEVIS RT97 repeater antenna interface is SMA-K, SMA is the most common interface commonly used, SO there are many options when choosing an antenna. It has the characteristics of frequency bandwidth, excellent performance, high reliability and long life.

In addition, the RT97 power connector now uses a 4P airhead, Aviation plug is a relatively advanced power connector product which is waterproof, rugged and has good performance. In summary, every detail and part of RETEVIS RT97 is made with care and is durable.

RT97,you deserve to have!


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