Review of the Retevis RT97 10W Repeater

Review of the Retevis RT97 10W Repeater.

Hi, Soren from Seccom here.

We have provided two way radios for a number of clients through the years. But mostly simplex radio to radio solutions, since most of our clients in the retail business does not need larger areas to cover.

RT97 Solve the “Black Holes”

But one of our clients decided to expand their business and area and therefore purchased the property next to their own. After the expansion, the employees experienced certain “black holes” around the area, where the radios could not reach each other.

The client is a hardware store and also provides construction materials for larger building sites. They receive 100+ orders every day, that needs to be collected around the area and afterwards prepared for their customers. So their internal radio communication between the sales office and the employees are crucial. Therefore they contacted us for a solution that could extend the range of their handheld radios.

They only use one channel / frequency and only simple voice analogue radios and was not looking for some expensive 10.000$+ solution, but a “medium cost” solution. (the retail / construction business is hard..!)

RT97-the Medium cost repeater

So, we needed a stabile repeater at medium costs. One of our end-user clients told us about the RT97 repeater from Retevis. He had heard some good recommendations on the internet. We read the specifications, saw some reviews on Youtube and decided to give it a try.

Retevis has a fast programming and shipping service and about a week after the order confirmation, the package arrived to our office.

After one day at the office with programming of our own handheld radios and testing, we headed towards our client.

We started with some on-site range testing to find the best position for the repeater. It turned out, that the coverage was so good, that we

didn´t need to place the antenna outside, but could just install it inside one of the large halls.

After installing the repeater and antenna we proceeded with securing some stabile power for the repeater. We rounded up with a final test of the coverage before programming the client´s handheld radios.


The client was very satisfied. Not only with the new coverage of all of their business area, but also with the price!


It´s perfect for medium range / medium price solutions for retail, construction and lots of other kinds of business. But not only that. The RT97 also comes with a 12V plug, with makes it ideal for rental. It can easily extend the radio range to any event, like concerts, sports events ext. We also do radio rental and have purchased two more RT97´s to use for rental.

We will definitely recommend the RT97 repeater from Retevis. It´s simple, stabile and easy to install. And at reasonable price too.


If any question, please let us know or contact on facebook:

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