Finding the Right Radio for Outdoor Experience

Finding the right radio for outdoor experience, is very important before you go out.

Ready for your snowshoes and other necessary gears like flashlights, gloves, socks, a water bottle, and other gears.
But, have you thought about taking along a communication two-way radios? It will help you to keep in touch with others, and as an extremely practical tool for your outdoor.
Retevis explains how to choose the right radios and the advantages of using this type of tool.

When will you need the communication radios?

We all know during outdoor, especially you are going to cross-country skiing, hiking, or hunting in a remote area, the cell-phone signal will be very weak, some places with no signal.
It’s a great tip to have a communication Radio during that time.

No matter you are seasoned outdoor enthusiasts or beginners. There is nothing wrong with being fully prepared. Because outdoor always meet unexpectedly. You may get injured or need help, the two-way radios will help you to talk with your partners.

Retevis license-free radios offer you to communcate with your partners within 1-3km. Easy to use and no need the license and month fee. Sometimes, when you go outdoor with the water, here we suggest you order the waterproof two way radios.

Retevis RT49P, the waterproof and float two way radios, comes with 2pack in the package. With the flashlight help you walk in the dark.

The advantages of using a two-way radio device

Bring you more convenience
You can not predict the unpredictable when you’re outdoor, Retevis NOAA weather radio will forecast the weather, and alert you to arrange your outdoor activity.

Make an instant call with your outdoor team or partner any time, just press the PTT on the radio, you can talk to them. The people who have the same channel as you and within the range can talk and listen to you.

Specifics to consider before purchasing

You’re ready to make your selection and acquire a tool that will be your best new ally in all your outdoor adventures? Here are some things to consider so as to make an informed choice.
Two-way radios will be your best gear in all your outdoor adventures. Here are some things to consider:
1, Waterproof or not
Please make sure if you need the waterproof function, then choose the waterproof or normal radios.
2, Long battery life
Long standby two-way radio will be better, no matter where you will start your adventure.
3, Lightweight and small design
You will bring lots of gears, so choose a lightweight two-way radio will be the best idea. small and compact design, hold it in your hands easily.




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