The Winners-Giveaway For Scouts Family

The Winners-Giveaway For Scouts Family is coming.

We are so sorry for the late. Because we took many times to check all the comments and emailed to everyone about if they shared the blog or not during the giveaway time.

Now let’s check our rule first:

1: Who can and how to apply?

A: Should be apply on the basis of family, and at least one child is a Scout.

1, Leave comments below this blog, the comment should be include why you want to apply for the free radios for your fmaily and Where will you use them. And which model do you want to get.

2: Do I need to do anything else?

A: In addition to leaving a comment below this blog, you also need to share this blog to your social media( facebook, twitter and etc) and include the hashtag #RetevisBoyScoutRadiosFree


The winners:

These winners leave the comments below our blog, and shared our blog and include the hashtag #RetevisBoyScoutRadiosFree during the giveaway. Congratulate them.

Alexandre Gomes:  

From his comment: His son Diogo, 7 years old, joined a local scouts club. He is very happy in his scouts uniform, spending time outdoors. Like the model RT45, because it is PMR and use Normal battery.

Brian Wisniewski

From his comment: We have been a scouting family for about 5 years now. I am a leader as well . I have 2 sons in scouting . 1 is a Cub (Bear) and other is a Boyscout (1st class) . I think we would benefit by having these for our hikes and campouts.

Bob Hesman

From his comment: I am a scout leader and have been one since 1996. My oldest finished his scouting career as a life scout (Tiger to Life) ages out. My youngest son is still scouting and just earned his Star rank.

Anderson Lowe

From his comment: 2nd year scout leader, have 3 boys in scouts now that enjoy camping. Webelo, wolf and a lion. And we are getting mom involved and enjoying the camping.

Lloyd Faloon

From his comment: I’m a cub master and my stepson is a boy scout a radio would be good when the scouts go out on a hike.

Joshua Meredith

From his comment: We have a Tiger and a Wolf, both me and my wife are den leaders. Would be great for campouts.


Congratulations. For winners, please feel free to email us with your detail address, we will arrange the prize to you.



We will also have other giveaway in further, so if you want to be the winner, please do it as our rule. Thanks.

For those customers who left comment also shared as our rule I haven’t mentioned, please email me, I will add you in the winners list. 

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