Five Highlights Of The New 4K Camera RetevisRT77B

The arrival of the new product 4K Camera RetevisRT77B surprised many friends. Today, let’s take a look at the five highlights of the new 4K Camera RetevisRT77B.

First, infrared mode.
In the power-on state, short press the “IR switch” button in the preview screen to turn on the Infrared mode. Moreover, the infrared light at night will turn red and the screen will turn black and white. Short press the “IR switch” button again to turn off the infrared mode, and the image will be saved.

Second, View/Play back video and audio.
In the boot state, long press the “Playback button” to enter the review playback menu. Use the up and down keys to select the desired option. Press ok to enter and select the video/audio number you recorded, and select file to be queried or played back. Exit with the OK key.

Third, connect to the computer to delete files.
If you want to delete the stored files, you must connect to a computer. Also, log in to “Background Management Software”. This aspect protects the content from being lost. On the other hand, RT77B can set the camera password in advance to protect privacy.

Fourth, Reset and Restart.
When RT77B has a problem due to improper operation, you can press Reset and a pen tip, toothpicks or similar items button to reset.

Fifth, connect to the computer.
The RT77B software is divided into two versions. The first one is to turn to U disk version software. No driver is required for direct use. The second is the Police software, which requires drivers to be installed.

These are the five highlights of the new 4K Camera RetevisRT77B. You can tell me your questions or feedback.

Now, waiting for you to discover the new highlights of RT77B.

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