Retevis Two-way Radio builds campus safety

Campus safety is the guarantee for faculty and students to study at ease. Recently, news about campus bullying, fires, and suicides have once again alerted us. Campus safety is the foundation of the physical and mental health of faculty and staff. Retevis Two-way Radio builds campus safety.

RetevisRB38V is very helpful for the campus tour of the teachers of the Office of Academic Affairs. The communication distance of RB38V is 3 kilometers, which is suitable for campus use. 5 channels, set pravicy code, precise communication. The voice is clear and loud. During the campus tour, if any hidden dangers are found, they can communicate and record at any time, and the two parties can effectively connect.

Second, RetevisRB38V makes extracurricular activities more at ease. Students are rich in extracurricular activities. On the one hand, they enrich their lives and combine theory with practice. On the other hand, extracurricular activities also have potential safety hazards. The walkie-talkie RB38V can communicate freely when there is no signal outdoors. You can also call for help, send messages, flashlight lighting, etc. The new RT77B also has recording, photographing and other functions to record the process of extracurricular activities.

Third, campus security cleaning is also used for emergency alarms. For sudden emergencies such as campus violence and social retaliation, school security departments, teachers, etc. can communicate in time to reduce losses and protect lives and property. This is the top priority of walkie-talkies for campus security. Retevis Two-way Radio builds campus safety.

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