Get Started! Beginner’s Guide to Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is affordable, accessible and a great way to combine many aspects of outdoor recreation. How do you get started if you are a beginner? Here we outline the basic steps. Read on to delve into the exciting world of kayak fishing.

Buy A Kayak for Fishing

What type of kayak is best for fishing? In usual, a sit on top kayak will be the better choice since any water from waves or flopping fish drains quickly out of the scupper holes in the bottom. Their open design allows easy access to cargo as well as room to mount accessories, like a kayak fish finder, on utility tracks.

Types of Kayak
Types of Kayak

Gear Up

1. Paddle

Materials like fibreglass or carbon fibre will be better because they are lightweight and robust. A light paddle with lots of pulling power makes all the difference if you’re spending a lot of time on the water.

2. Gear for handling fish

Knifes and line cutters Fish handling equipment includes nets, gloves, line cutters, pliers and more.  They are useful for scooping up the fish and cutting line in an emergency.

3. Anchor

An anchor will hold the kayak in place,  preventing it from drifting due to wind or water. It will help you reduce fatigue of taking care of the kayak.

4. Fish Finder

A fish finder provides various underwater information, such as water depth, distribution of fish school, and the condition of the seabed. It is used for finding out depth and to aid with fishing.

5. Adequate food and water

To avoid dehydration,  you need to pack a few water bottles and water-rich foods like fruit and lean proteins to snack on while fishing.

6.VHF Marine Radio/ Waterproof Two Way Radio

The chances of things going wrong on your fishing trip are minimal, but every boater knows it’s always best to be prepared for anything so safety. VHF Marine radios are used for calling the coast guard in an emergency or contacting other boats or persons like harbour masters etc. Retevis VHF marine radios are good for today’s recreational sailing and boating conditions, in the United States, Canada and international waters. Here to check Top 5 Retevis VHF Marine Radios In 2022 But VHF Marine Radios need a licence to use. If you don’t want to apply for a licence, you can use FRS/ PMR446 waterproof two way radios. There radios will be more affordable. RT49P/RT649P and RT45P/RT645P are highly recommended.

7. And More

GPS or Compass—For navigation
Spare Paddle—For replacing accidentally paddle
Torch—For lighting
Spare Clothes – –For the changeable weather
Dry Bag—For storage

Dress Up

Wear light layers that you can take on or off as conditions change. Colder months you will need additional footwear, gloves, hats and not forgetting glasses. It’s important to the best quality dry suit and PFD (personal floatation devise) you can afford as they might both save your life one day.

PFD For Kayak Fishing
PFD For Kayak Fishing

Check the Weather

Always check the weather report before you set out for kayak fishing. It’s a critical point for keeping safe. Check the weather a few days ahead. It’s also a good idea to go with someone who has knowledge of the area and possible weather conditions.

Practice Makes Perfect

Everyday time is a school day, you will learn something new almost everytime you go out for fishing. If you fish in groups, you will learn more from other fisherman. In the end, you will find the most comfortable way and place for fishing.

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, pleasce leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!



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