RT77 upgrade

The new upgrade of RT77 body camera

The RT77 body camera looks so cool! You can wear it on your shoulder or the belt to record all the things on your way or in your work. The RT77 will work with you in patroling, auditing, driving, and some other work has to monitor and save.


After the upgrade, it has 1080P pixels and can record a very sharp video.

Its camera has been expanded from 120 degrees to 140 degrees. It has fewer dead angles for you to record a more comprehensive view.

Up to 9 hours of continuous recording time can meet normal conditions of a day’s work.

The indicator flashes blue color, and it can also flash red and blue.

The battery capacity is 2650mAh, so it can work for a whole day.

Do I have to export the memory video every day? Nope, the loop recording function can record the new video to cover the last video.  It means that when the internal memory card runs out of the 16G space, the earliest videos are removed to store the most recent, just like a monitor.

How does it work when I’m walking or running? The anti-shake feature can precisely lock the scene in the frame to prevent the camera from shaking and creating an indistinguishable scene.

It’s lighter and easier to carry than a camcorder, and it’s cheaper than a GoPro. If you are a travel enthusiast, using it to document your journey will make more sense. If you need to record your work, it can provide high-definition video files. If you want to know more, please contact support@retevis.com, or chat with us on our Facebook.



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