Giveaway! Two Sets Of MURS Radio RB17V

Two sets of MURS Radio RB17V with large battery capacity and long antenna are here as a gift. Everyone is welcome to participate. No matter you have a plan for cycling, climbing, or skiing, MURS Radio RB17V will not let you down. The setting of 5 channels is especially suitable for professional use such as home and business.

Participate in the gift activities of two MURS Radio RB17V:
Time: 2021/06/05-2021/06/15
Quantity: one pair
Participation: Leave a message in the comment area
Note: If you are a professional evaluator, we are more welcome to cooperate with you.

Two sets of MURS Radio RB17V are also particularly suitable for training use. There are few channels, so it is convenient to find special channels for the coaches and students to communicate. Such as climbing teaching, skiing teaching, etc., this is a good walkie-talkie for outdoor use. If two families go to the park on a date to climb mountains, have a picnic, and bring the walkie-talkie, on the one hand, they can talk freely while driving; on the other hand, they can also prevent getting lost in the park. It is one of the good outdoor equipment for the family.

In 2021, RETEVIS is developing new public network walkie-talkies, noise-reducing walkie-talkies, Bluetooth walkie-talkies and outdoor GMRS walkie-talkies, etc. We look forward to your understanding and feedback.

If you like MURS Radio RB17V, please leave a message in the comment area.

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10 thoughts on “Giveaway! Two Sets Of MURS Radio RB17V”

  1. It looks like another good radio from the Retevis series.
    I hope to win a giveaway so I can use it and review it. 🙂
    Dom, Radio Adventurer.

  2. Seburn Payne

    Yes I would love to have a pair of RB17V!
    Recently purchased an RB27 and have been pleased with the performance and quality.
    I will be buying your products for my family as we do alot of camping and need reliable communications options.

  3. Retevis MURS radios are great for hiking and outdoor use. With 2 full watts of VHF power and no license required, they are the perfect outdoor communication companion. No cell service ? No problem. These reliable VHF hand held radios will work reliably for at least a mile or two , possibly further in open areas. The long lasting battery and ease of use means anybody of any age can enjoy reliable communication without having to rely on a cellular signal.

  4. Wow I would like to have the opportunity to trying out the Retevis RB17V. Thank you for the opportunity.

  5. It looks like Retevis has done it again! A new MURS radio with commercial grade features. Long battery life with the 4400mAh battery as well as USB-C charging capability. Excellent and rugged design. Can’t wait to try these out in the field. They’ll make a good complement to my Retevis RT76P and RA25 GMRS radios.

  6. I’m a licensed ham and have a gmrs license as well. I’ve been hoping to try out MURS radios for days in the outdoors with friends who do not have radio licenses. These look like a great fit!

  7. Looks like another great radio from retevis. I have the Rt47V. If I won this giveaway, I would write a review and post in on my YouTube channel. I would first test the audio of the radio compared to some of your other MURS radios. I would test the receive and transmit of the radio and compare it to other transceivers in you lineup and other brands. I would include any menu functions and functionality of the radio.

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