RT56B used in explosive workplace

How to distinguish the use scene of explosion-proof radio-RT56B?

How to distinguish the use scene of explosion-proof radio-RT56B? As we said before, Retevis RT56B and RT56 is our explosion-proof radio. And it can be used in an explosion workplace. However, is it can be used in all the explosion workplaces?

The answer is NO. Not every explosion-proof radio can be used in every explosion workplace.

So, how to distinguish the use scene of explosion-proof radio like RT56B?

You should know the explosion-proof should have an explosion-proof standard, the standard can divide the explosion-proof level and the usage environment.

The explosion-proof standard of RT56B is Ex ib IIB T4 Gb. And next, we will discuss the meaning of the standard.

  • Ex: it means the device is an explosion-proof device, can be used in an explosive environment.
  • ib: Intrinsically safe, and the level is B. Can be used in a normal explosive environment.
  • IIB: Using in the factory, but cannot use in a coal mine or borehole operation.
  • T4: The surface temperature can reach 135 degrees Celsius.
  • Gb: It is in Group B, which means Dangerous atmosphere group, hydrogen.

explosion-proof level

So, you can use it in dust workplaces and normal explosive workplaces like flour mills, pharmaceutical factories, Metal products processing plants, and gas stations.

How to make use of the explosion-proof radio in dangerous workplaces to keep safe?

  • Use matching accessories
  • Do not charge and disassemble components in explosive areas
  • Do not disassemble the machine without inspection by the institution
  • Ensure that all parts of the intercom are dry
  • If there is smoke or odor, please do not use

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How to distinguish the use scene of explosion-proof radio-RT56B? Hope you can get the answer.

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  1. I have only one Retevis radio as of now . It’s a GMRS radio . GMRS is radio service my group and I have chosen for our backup communication. We are also considering adding MURS radios also . Those will be used for more secure Communication because in our area most people are still using CB , Amateur radios and GMRS. The MURS radios would be used in our higher more on the compound privacy conversations.
    I never knew that Retevis made a MURS radio . Now that I know I will in form our Communication guy.

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