GMRS Handheld Radio-RA85 is comming

GMRS Handheld Radio-RA85 is comming.

There are two versions of RA85, one is RA85: GMRS band; the other is RA685: ham band. Now we mainly talk about RA85, the walkie-talkie in the GMRS frequency band.

RA85 is a long-distance GMRS hand-held radio. It has a battery capacity of 1800 mAh, which can stand by for about 14 hours. RA85 has various charging methods. It not only supports USB charging, but also can be charged with a charging base.

Its appearance is more professional, with a display screen and keyboard, which can help us with channel selection, function settings and other operations, which is convenient to use. And it is small in size, esay to carry. Let’s briefly introduce the functions of RA85.

The functions of RA85:

Squelch: RA85 has nine squelch levels from 0-9.

Vox: The Vox level is 1-10, the smaller the Vox level, the higher the sensitivity; on the contrary, the lower the sensitivity. You can choose according to your needs.

Dual standby mode: Turn on dual standby, and if D is displayed on the screen, then it indicates that the dual standby mode is set successfully.

Keyboard lock: In the standby mode of RA85, press and hold the “#” key for more than 2 seconds to lock/unlock the keyboard.

Repeater tone: RA85’s repeater activation tone is 1000hz, 1450hz, 1750hz, 2100hz.

Scan: Long press “*” key to enter scan mode.

Alarm: RA85 has two alarm modes: local alarm and remote alarm.

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