How to solve the problem that RT76P NOAA cannot be used?

How to solve the problem that RT76P NOAA cannot be used?

RT76P is a long-distance GMRS portable walkie-talkie. It has a display screen and a keyboard, which can can help us with channel selection, function setting and other operations, which is convenient to use. In addition, it also has NOAA features that can help predict the weather. Therefore, it is the first choice for many people when choosing GMRS walkie-talkies.

At the same time, we received some questions from customers about the use of RT76P NOAA, some customers asked,
I bought RT76P. But I cannot get weather channels. What should I do? I bought a walkie-talkie with NOAA function, but I can’t use it.

Sometimes, when we use RT76P, we may encounter the problem that NOAA can’t use it. What should we do at this time? You need to upgrade the firmware to solve this problem.

The operation is as follows:

1. You need to download the firmware upgrade tool from our official website, you can find it here:

2. Click on the firmware upgrade tool and select to open the corresponding firmware upgrade file.

3. Select the corresponding port.

4. Click Update, the firmware upgrade is complete.

5. Open the software and customize the side keys of RT76P.

If you still cannot use NOAA after upgrading the firmware,
1. Please check if you can receive NOAA signals in your area.
2. You can find the initialization option in the menu, please restore the radio to factory settings.

If you have any questions, please leave messages below.

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