RB17V review video from customers

Great! Our customers do some testing videos of RB17V

Great, Our customers do some testing videos of RB17V. RB17V is one of our new products in May. And some of our customers have used it in their life. They also do some videos, and they’d like to recommend it to more people who need the same radio.

Do you want to know their using feelings and some comments under the video? Here are two videos for you:

The first customer is a ham, he knows more information about walkie-talkies, and he does a testing video for his audience, the video includes the functions, how and where to use, and some main parameters.

The next video is also a testing video about communication. He can communicate with another radio at a limited distance to show how long can use it. He is also a ham, and his channel name is his call number.

After review, how do you think of RB17V? Does it is a resolution for you?

Here is the link of RB17V, you can get more important data and information on the page: RB17V 2 Watt 5 Channel MURS Radio(2 Pack)

We’d like to receive the videos and pictures of our products are coming from you. like this blog: Great, Our customers do some testing videos of RB17V.

And more reviews can be found:

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