Best Two Way Radios For Hiking 2021

If you’re looking for a walkie talkie to help you keep in touch when hiking. You can have a look at this blog. The best Retevis two way radios guide to help you make your options.

When hiking, the communcation is very important. It is very hard for you to speaker loudly to make sure all members.

Especially for long hiking. Sometimes you and your members have some distance, and if there is no mobile phone signals, your cell phone can’t call. Here the walkie talkies are very important.

Two way radios now have license-free and licensed walkie talkies. For lots of users, they will choose the license-free radios. They do not need to apply for the license to use the frequency. And also will help them to make instant call. Just press the PTT, the radio with the same frequency can hear what you said.

But if you need the long range communication, here we suggest you choose the high power licensed two way radios. Like our GMRS long range two way radios, high power long range two way radios.

1, Lightweight License-free two way radio for hiking

The Retevis RT22 two way radios are great for outdoor use. It has many useful features that help you when you’re out hiking, hunting.

It has FRS 22 Channels/PMR446 16 channels. With the channel scan function to check for any activity. There is no display, you will not wrong press the button to change the channel. Also it has the channel lock function, help you to stay in the same channels all the time. This will not miss any call from your team members or family.

Another reason I suggest RT22 is size small. When you hiking, you need to take lots of equipments for your hiking, so lightweight will be very important. RT22 is the lightweight two way radio, easy to wear on your backpack or belt.


Retevis RT22 Lightweight License-free two way radio for hiking
Retevis RT22 Lightweight License-free two way radio for hiking

2, Waterproof and Floats License-free Two way radio RT49P

Retevis RT49P two way radios are waterproof and ideal for outdoor. The bright green color help you to easily spot them if you accidentally drop them or put them down somewhere.

With 22 channels FRS band and 16 channels PMR446 band, also with the privacy codes to select. There will have plently of different combinations to use. IP67 rating for dust and waterproof, so you can bring them no matter what type of environment you’ll be in.

It also features NOAA weather channels that you can keep up to date and be alerted to any weather conditions. Floats feature, if you accidentally drop them into the water, it will floats on the river.

Retevis RT49P also have the LED flashlight, scan, VOX functions. Are an ideal choice of walkie talkies. They are waterproof and floats license-free two way radios and offer crystal clear sound. To suitable for different outdoor activities.

3, Long Range High power GMRS two way radios RB27

Retevis RB27 comes with the GMRS band licensed two way radio, when you are looking for the long range radios, this model will be an ideal walkie talkie. With the LCD display, help you to check your radio working channels and other information. NOAA weather radio function, help you to know the weather in advance, arrange your outdoor plan easily.

Even though this GMRS long range two way radio need the license, but please don’t worry, it is very easy to get the GMRS license from FCC.


If you have any questions about how to choose the best radios for hiking, you can leave message below or contact by email:

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1 thought on “Best Two Way Radios For Hiking 2021”

  1. GMRS is still good – Motorola T 600 is your choice for rugged one.
    It has weather channel also but in jungle, among trees and bushes- you have that limitation.
    These radios are good for group activities but may not be good among trees.
    GMRS can work good in lakes too.
    HAM RADIO – you have to pass a test and then you need to buy one set which is a investment.
    I suggest before you buy something – you contact local HAM groups after passing test.
    Its very very overwhelming – whatver someone claim on youtube – its NOT a easy peasy thing to configure a radio to work with your needs.
    APRS is one such logarithm.
    Then is repeaters – ANALOG and DIGITAL and golden question is what you will do if in your area, where u r hiking hunting camping – there is no DMR repeater nearby !

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