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Hardcore knowledge about the communication distance

The hardcore knowledge about the communication distance. You may be wondering why we don’t have the very important communication distance on the parameter, and we didn’t give a clear answer when we were asked. If you’ve ever wondered, here’s the answer.

What are the factors that affect the distance of walkie-talkie communication distance?

external factor: using environment. The ideal distance for a call is over the sea, where there is the least obstruction. If you want to use the walkie-talkies in unban or field, the communication distance will shorter than over the sea.

internal factors: the power, receive sensitivity, antenna, and even the way it is used. The higher the transmission power, the longer the communication distance. The high gain antenna can extend the communication distance.

The difference of communication distance of walkie-talkie in different environments.

Commonly used wireless walkie-talkies generally use 130-170MHz and 403-470MHz two frequency bands. These two frequency bands are also the frequency range allowed by national laws for individuals or units to use. Under normal circumstances, these two wave frequencies are transmitted in a straight line. Marine communication is an ideal communication environment for radio walkie-talkies on the earth. Generally, there are no obstacles and minimal interference. However, in fact, handheld walkie-talkies at sea can only be used. It passes about 10-20 nautical miles, that’s because the earth is round, and if the distance is too far, the middle will be blocked by the sea.

Usually, when used in cities, obstacles are the factor that has the greatest influence on the signal propagation distance. The actual communication distance of a professional walkie-talkie with a power of 5 watts in a city is generally only within the range of 2 to 5 kilometers. In the high ground, many buildings, or relatively sealed rooms, the communication distance will be shorter. However, when supported by the base station of the system, the talk range of the walkie-talkie can reach more than ten kilometers or even dozens of kilometers.

However, after integrating many years of customer feedback and my own testing experience, I have obtained a rough range of the effective distance of the walkie-talkie for your reference:

Communication Distance

  • Handheld walkie-talkie

5W/4W transmission power: 1-3 kilometers in urban areas, 3-5 kilometers in open areas;

3W/2W transmission power: 500m-2km in the urban area, 1-3km in an open area;

1W/0.5W transmit power: 200m -800m in urban area / 500m -1.5km in open area.

  • Mobile radio

25W/20W transmit power: 3-10 kilometers in the urban area, 5-15 kilometers in an open area;

10W / 5W transmit power: 1-5 kilometers in urban areas, 3-8 kilometers in open areas;

And here is the link to Retevis long-distance radios page:

If you don’t like to limited by the radio, PoC radio should be the best choice for you, as our new PoC radio RB20 and RB21.

Also, you can install the repeater to extend the distance. The cost of the repeater is relatively high, but after the handheld walkie-talkie and car walkie-talkie pass through the repeater, the distance of the walkie-talkie will increase significantly

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Hardcore knowledge about the communication distance

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