Retevis Professional Noise Reduction Headphones

The walkie-talkie headset seems to exist as an accessory, but in some specific occasions, the headset plays a very important role. Today, let’s take a look at some Retevis professional noise reduction headphones.

First of all, the first is a professional head-mounted noise-canceling headphones. This kind of walkie-talkie headset is relatively thick and has a very good noise reduction effect. For example, C9067A high-quality noise-cancelling aviation microphone headset, ABS shell material, volume adjustment and PTT button, convenient communication, blocking external sounds. The sponge-filled dual earphones are more comfortable to wear. For example, EHN004, the earmuffs can be rotated 360 degrees, and the average noise reduction is 32dB, which is suitable for headphones without a helmet. This headset is suitable for noisy scenes such as shooting, hunting and mowing.

Secondly, there is a simple design of the walkie-talkie headset. For example, ETK003 and C9008A. This kind of walkie-talkie headset is not burdensome and light. For example, ETK003 earphones can produce sound through the vibration of the larynx, effectively reducing background noise and solving the problem of inability to communicate in a high-noise environment. With the best quality transparent sound tube, the people around you are almost impossible to detect. This is also an ideal choice for surveillance purposes and security for crowd control in airports,  conferences and concerts, and other work environments that require careful communication. The throat microphone can also be easily hidden under the collar. Wearing headphones can facilitate communication and improve collaboration efficiency.

This is the Retevis professional noise reduction headphones brought to you today. There are more styles waiting for everyone to choose. You can also share your feelings and meaning of wearing headphones.

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