why prepper radio is necessary

Why do you need a walkie-talkie for a survival crisis?

Why do you need a walkie-talkie for a survival crisis? Have you considered this question? As we know, water, foods, knife, emergency kit, and other necessary goods are the most important. And we always keep enough food and water in emergency situations. However, a professional prepper walkie-talkie is also necessary.


We will stay in a safe house or home for a long time, and not all of us are brave to go out or survey in a dangerous environment. So, we have to know more about situations about the world, and we should receive emergency news or other communications from the government, agencies, organizations, and neighbors. A walkie-talkie is the best choice in these conditions because we can only receive and transmit frequency, it is the power from nature. But not a cell phone or computer. However, can any walkie-talkies be used in an emergency? The answer is “NO”.

You should know what is the prepper radio, why it is different from other walkie-talkies?

Prepper radio is ready for preppers in emergency situations.

First, it should be a high-power two-way radio. Can help you build a channel to communicate with others.

Second, the flashlight can help you bring light in the dark.

Third, the weather alarm is important. You can receive the NOAA weather alarm in the U.S.

Fourth, IP67 waterproof and dustproof. You may need to go out in bad conditions, such as rain, dust, etc. The function can protect the radio from water and dust.

Fifth, power. The rechargeable battery is not suitable for emergency conditions. The dry battery is more suitable. And if you have a power station or solar charger, you can try to use a rechargeable battery.

Sixth, emergency alarm function. It is a helpful function for preppers. Dangerous situations happen all the time, so the remote alarm function of the prepper radio can send an alert to others on the same frequency.

Do you want to buy a prepper radio to deal with a survival crisis? If you need them, please contact usĀ support@retevis.com

Here are some prepper radios are recommend for you:

prepper radio recommend

RB27 GMRS Long-Range Two-way Radios with NOAA

RT5 High Power FPP Dual Band HAM Radio

HD1 IP67 FPP Dual Band Ham Radio

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Why do you need a walkie-talkie for a survival crisis?

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