H-777 walkie talkies keep away from interruption

When using the H-777 intercom, if you can received noise, we can use some function setting to stop noise or achieve noise reduction.

Squelch Level of H-777



1.Explanation of Squelch Level

The strength of the noise in the received signal is corresponding to the strength of the signal. The stronger the signal, the weaker the noise. The maximum noise and the minimum noise are divided into several files, and each file is called a level. The number of files divided is called the squelch level. Users can choose according to the actual situation.

2.Squelch Level is turned on and off

The purpose of Squelch is to mute the speaker when no signals are present (Squelch OFF).With the squelch level correctly set,you will hear sound only while actually receiving signals (Squelch ON).The squelch level can be adjusted via program software.


H-777 CTCSS/CDCSS Function

CTCSS(Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System)/(Digital Coded Squelch )You may sometimes want to hear calls from only specific persons or groups.In this case,use the selective call which allows.You to ignore unwanted calls from other persons who are using the same frequency.CTCSS or DCS is a sub-audible tone and is selectable from among the 50 or 105 tone frequency listed.

NOTES:CTCSS and DCS do not cause your conversation to be private and scrambled.It only relieves you from listening to unwanted conversations.


Use these features to avoid receiving irrelevant calls.
The optional 16 channels will help you avoid busy channels; there are 50 CTCSS encryption codes on each channel to keep your communication away from interference, and your team will be able to coordinate quickly and clearly through clear and secure communications.

When there is a noise problem during use, these two functions will help you a lot.

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