Retevis H-777 communication between multiple positions

Why do so many customers choose the Retevis H-777 because it has the same versatility as other two-way radios, making it easy to operate all operators. Simply change to the same channel and press PTT.

Retevis H-777 is quick and easy to set up


In fact, Retevis H-777 programming is done at the same frequency before leaving the factory, so once the radios are on the same channel, they can communicate. Has a lot of features, set up quickly and efficiently.

Has a timeout timer (TOT) function to prevent users from occupying channels for a long time
Scanning feature that allows you to scan channels or privacy codes in your channel to find ongoing conversations
Has a busy channel lock feature that blocks transmissions when the device detects another session on the same channel

Retevis H-777


Retevis H-777 easily communicate between leaders and multiple positions


The Retevis H-777 has 16 channels, UHF (400-470MHz), and can encrypt 50 codes per channel, keeping the communication unblocked and not interrupted by strange signals. At the same time enhance the quality, privacy and reliability of voice.


For team A ,you can set up the own frequency and CTCSS on channel 1.For team B,you can set up different frequency and CTCSS on channel 2.Then you can communication with A,B team alone.


Your team will be able to coordinate quickly and clearly through clear and secure communications.

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