HD1 Codeplug for Brandmeister and hotspot

HD1 codeplug, is a simply configuration file. Using the software to configure the channels and other settings, then save it on you computer as a backup.

But what’s the Brandmeister?

BrandMeister is an operating software for Master servers participating in a worldwide infrastructure network of amateur radio digital voice systems.

How to build a HD1 codeplug for brandmeister by hotspot.

1, Set the DMR ID

Open the software-Basic setting-ID setting

2,Set the priority contacts.

You can choose TG91 talkgroup( from the brandmeister talkgroup)

3,Set the Channel information

Set the channel frequencies depends on your Pi-star, the work mode and time slot depend on your hotspot’s setting.

4,Set the RX Group list

Set the channel’s information with the Group list, or you can check the function: Promiscuous


All settings are ok, if you want to save it, just click the save as to save it on your computer. We called that file HD1 codeplug.

If any question, you can leave a message here or contact us on facebook.

Watch the video to know the details:

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