How to set HD1 talk with RT82?

DMR digital radio HD1 and RT82, are very popular Retevis digital radio among hams. But some rookies may not clear, how to make HD1 talk with RT82 in digital model? Today let’s discuss Retevis HD1 communicate with RT82 in private call first.

Ailunce HD1 communicate with RT82 in digital mode—PRIVATE CALL

Call ID information:

Step 1:Get radio ID for RT82 on keyboard: Menu-Radio information–My number–5678
Step 2:Programme the CALL ID in HD1 software:
HD1 radio ID can be 32 different, you can choose in each channel, the ID you wanna use when communicating.

A.Programme in HD1 programming software

1.Create Digital Contacts for HD1
Contact name: RT82 test (or All other name, such as contact1, contact 2… Name is not that important)
Call Type: Private call
Call ID: ‘5678’( which is radio ID for RT82 that you want to communicate with)1

2.Programme in the channel which you want to use for private call


Write the frequency and Set Digital Data: Work mode, ID, Color code, Contacts.
3: Write to radio to save.

B.Programme in RT82 programming software (RT82 radio ID ID is 5678,what we see in software is same as we see in menu)

1.Digital Contact
Contact name: write Jenny Jin(this is not importable, other name also ok)
Call Type: Private Call
Call ID: ‘1234’( which is radio ID for HD1 that you want to communicate with) This is the KEY point.

2.Programme in the RT82 channel which you want to use for private call HD1.
Sure, the essential requirement for communication can not be forgot, such as same frequency, color code.HD1

3.Write to radio to save.
Switching HD1 and RT82 both to channel 1 on radio, whether manual dial or choose contact to call, both workable.Done!
Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write to, we are always here to support!

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