What does BDR,Roger,Tail Eliminate mean in HD1

There have several HD1 features cause confusion. Now here is the explanation of 4 features in HD1 dual band DMR radio.

HD1 features

when you tick it on CPS. Your HD1 default dual standby, if you don’t tick it, your radio will show one channel and date. But it is not a big matter, you can short press “#” to switch dual standby or single standby.

HD1 featuresHD1 features

when you tick it on CPS, your HD1 default roger function is on. End of the launch, when you loosen PTT, you will hear a voice, that is Roger, but it only works in analog mode.

Tail Eliminate Mode

It is 54.7hz. as usual, we only use the default one 54.7hz. the use of the reverse code is very few. So you don’t change it. Tail Eliminate, when you tick it, there will no “pu” sound after the end of receiving when using HD1, they both only work in analog mode.


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    1. When tick”Key Lock switch” in the software, after write your code plug to the radio. turn on the radio again, the screen is locked default.

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