HD2 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

HD2 sell for a long time and many customer like it very much, today we make a summary about the frequently asked questions and answers.

You may find out the answers to your questions.

1, We are stuck with a TX between 144 and 148 MHz? how can we use 136-174Mhz?

Here is a way how to expand the frequency :

a, press menu key and number 8 key at the same time to open the radio.

b,then enter ” 777888′ in the change PD page.

c,Then you will see the user defined page, then press menu to change the TX low to TX high, then enter 174 directly. Press menu to confirm. After you adjust , press menu you will see “OK” , the save the frequency.

If you still can not understand, contact us we will send you a video to show you.

2, Which driver I should use for HD2 programming cable?

First please tell us your computer version, if it is windows 10, use our windows 11 driver is also ok. ( This driver can be downloaded from our products website page, you click support and will find it)

3, How to link HD2 to your bluetooth earpiece?

a, press menu to find bluetooth funtcion and choose “On”, then the screen will show the bluetooth icon.

d, then click the “BT rebind” below the bluetooth function to “Confirm” to link. If two device is first time to link together, it may a little slow, after linked, it will be faster when you use next time. If you link successfully, the bluetooth icon will turn red color.


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