RB669 UV band license-free radio

Retevis new arrival—-RB669 UV band license-free radio

Retevis new arrival—-RB669 UV band license-free radio

We are pleased to introduce you to Retevis’ new product – RB669. With its advanced features and excellent performance, this radio is designed to meet your efficient communication needs in various communication needs.

1. Features

1/Frequency range

Freenet (149MHz) and PMR 446MHz: RB669 supports these two main frequency bands.

Steps: Customers can easily switch between Freenet and PMR446 frequencies by long pressing the side key according to the actual use environment.
Intercommunication with Retevis RT24/RT24V: If you have purchased Retevis RT24/RT24V, RB669 can also communicate with it directly without additional settings.

RB669 UV band license-free radio

2/Number of channels and power

Number of channels: There are 16 channels when used as PMR446 in UHF band and 6 channels when used as Freenet in VHF band.
Power: Two power options of 0.5/1W are provided to meet different communication distance requirements.

3/VOX function

The VOX function allows you to transmit by speaking without pressing the PTT transmission key. When you stop speaking, the transmission will stop automatically.
The VOX level can be adjusted by software, and the default is level 5 to ensure the best sound recognition and transmission effect.

Step: By short-pressing the side key, you can easily turn on or off the VOX function.

4/Multi-language support

Based on the original English broadcast, RB669 has added the German broadcast function to meet the needs of a wider range of users.

RB669 UV band license-free radio

5/Long battery life

The 1200mA battery capacity can provide more than 16 hours of working time, ensuring your long-term use needs.

RB669 UV band license-free radio

2. Accessories

C9001A microphone: High-quality microphone for RB669, providing clear and stable voice transmission.

C9003A air-conducting headset: This brings you an unfettered communication experience, allowing you to maintain clear calls while on the move.

J9118A Earhook Headset:  Lightweight and easy-to-use earhook headset, convenient for you to communicate anytime, anywhere.
C9018A Programming Cable:  You have the option to change the factory settings by yourself.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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