RT68H With Hidden Display

Retevis RT68 updated version: RT68H With Hidden Display

Retevis RT68 update version: RT68H With Hidden Display

RT68 walkie-talkie, a communication device that is popular in schools, churches, warehouses, farms and security personnel, has recently undergone an important upgrade. In order to meet the diverse needs of the market and customers, the RT68 updated version not only retains the original practical functions, but also adds many innovative features. Let’s learn about Retevis RT68H With Hidden Display radio.

1.Appearance display

RT68H With Hidden Display


1/ Ready to use out of the box and dual version selection

RT68H provides two versions for users to choose from: RT68H FRS and RT668H PMR446. Both walkie-talkies are license-free, and users can use them directly after purchase without applying for additional licenses, which greatly simplifies the use process.

2/Ingenious design of invisible display

The RT68H  introduces an invisible display, which not only improves the sturdiness and durability of the device, but also prevents the screen from breaking easily even if the device accidentally falls. At the same time, users can also use the invisible display to keep abreast of important information such as the current channel and remaining battery status, making operation more convenient.

3/ VOX function

VOX function help users do not need to press the PTT transmission key, but can start the transmission function by voice. When you stop talking, the transmission will stop automatically. In addition, the RT68H has added a side key to support the optional VOX function. Users can customize the function of the side key through the programming software. The factory default setting is: long press to start the VOX function, and short press to lock the channel.

4/ Convenient Type-C charging method

In order to meet the convenience of outdoor use, RT68H  has added a Type-C charging interface, and users can use common Type-C cables for charging. At the same time, the device also retains the traditional charging base, providing users with a variety of charging options.

5/ Long battery life

The RT68H is equipped with a 1200mAh battery, which can provide up to 30 hours of standby time. This means that users still have enough power to keep communication smooth after a full day of use.

In general, the RT68H walkie-talkie will surely become a powerful assistant. Whether it is the daily management of schools and churches, the dispatch and coordination of warehouses and farms, or the emergency communication of security work.

If you have any questions or interest in the radios, please feel free contact sales@retevis.com,thanks.

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