Functional operations of Retevis C1-Laura-5

Functional operations of Retevis C1

Functional operations of Retevis C1

Retevis C1 is the new arrival, UV band, IP67 waterproof radio. Are you interested in the functional operations of Retevis C1? Let’s see it.

Retevis C1

Familiar with Radio

Functional operations of Retevis C1-Laura-2

1/Digital keypad long press short-cut operation instructions:

Functional operations of Retevis C1-Laura-3

3.Power adjustment (TXP)
4.Noise reduction (NRC)
6.Wide/Narrow band (W/N)
7. Auto power-off (APO)
8.Battery save (SAVE)
#.Call tone (TONE)
*.Key lock
Note: set the long-press time through the CPS, default is 2s. If you press the program key, time is longer than long-press time, it is long-key, otherwise, it is short-key.
Short press the * key to switch between row A and row B.

2/Wireless copy function

1) Check the box on the software to allow wireless copying;

Retevis C1 software
2) The frequency of wireless replication must be consistent.
3) If group A is checked, then only the frequency settings of row A will be copied, if B is checked, B will be copied, and if both are checked, rows A and B will be copied;
4) Allow copying of parameter settings – refers to the parameter settings in the basic function settings, not the channel settings of row A and row B.

Walkie-talkie operation steps:

Radio A serves as the receiver, Radio B serves as the transmitter,
1) First, let’s turn on the receiving function of Radio A.
MEUN-Wireless Copy – Wireless copy reception (Wireless RX) of machine A, the indicator light is green,
2) Then turn on the transmitter transmission function:
MEUN-Wireless Copy – Radio B wireless copy transmitter (Wireless TX), the indicator light lights up red,
3) Receiver A will beep once and start receiving signals.
4) After the wireless copy is successful, the transmitter and receiver will restart to prove that the wireless copy is successful.
5) Wireless copy, copy the channel frequency parameter settings of row A or row B,
Note: Be sure to turn on the receiver first and then the transmitter during operation. Do not operate the walkie-talkie during wireless copying.

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