Retevis C1 dual band waterproof radio

Retevis C1 VS RA89

Recently, Retevis released the latest amateur radio – Retevis C1 dual-band waterproof radio . You may have questions: C1 and RA89 are both UV band radios and waterproof radios. What is the difference between them? This blog will help you understand their differences.

ModelLeiteweisi C1Retevis RA89
 Retevis C1 dual band waterproof radioRetevis RA89 dual band waterproof radio
frequency136-174 MHz; 400-480 MHzUS: 144-148Mhz; 420-450Mhz

EU: 144-146Mhz; 430-440Mhz

Battery (mAh)18002500
Noise ReductionYesYes
charging methodType-C and charging dockType-C and charging dock
More featuresOne-touch group calling, remote and local alarm, one-touch pairing,2-tone/5-tone, FM broadcast, VFO mode,

Comparison – Retevis C1 vs RA89

1. Noise reduction function

C1 is a two-way noise reduction walkie-talkie, which improves the sound quality.
RA89: Clear sound quality, built-in noise reduction chip (receiving noise reduction), which can effectively filter background noise. RA89’s noise reduction technology is more advanced and focuses on noise reduction at the receiving end.

2. Power

C1: 5W adjustable power, providing certain power adjustment flexibility.
RA89: 10W high power, covering longer transmission distance.

3. Frequency Range

C1: Supports UV band, dual standby.
RA89: With frequency range selection (US version and EU version).

4. Battery and battery life

C1: 1800mAh battery, with power saving function and long battery life.
RA89: 2500mAh large capacity battery, longer standby time. The RA89 has a larger battery capacity and may have longer battery life.

5. Charging method

C1: Type-C charging and cradle charging, multiple options, more convenient charging.
RA89: Type-C and charging base, charging methods are equally convenient. Both offer multiple charging methods, but the RA89 offers the option of a charging base.

6. Waterproof and dustproof

C1: IP67 waterproof, can be maintained under 1 meter of static water for 30 minutes without water intrusion.
RA89: IP68 waterproof and dustproof, providing higher dustproof and waterproof levels. RA89 has a higher waterproof and dustproof rating and can adapt to harsher environments.

7. Group call

C1: Support side button definition and long press to implement group call.

8. Alarm function

C1 Provides one-key alarm function. RA89 also Provides an emergency alarm function.

9. Other functions

RA89:  FM Radio( 65-108MHz), programmable VFO and 200 channels, supports Chirp programming and other additional functions. These features increase the flexibility and functionality of the RA89.

Both walkie-talkies are good choices. If you want higher requirements for battery and waterproofing, you can choose RA89; if you want a walkie-talkie with group call function and alarm function, you can choose Retevis C1 dual band waterproof radio. You can choose the walkie-talkie that suits you according to your actual needs.

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