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The most affordable GPS walkie-talkie–Retevis A1 UV Band HAM Radio

The most affordable GPS walkie-talkie–Retevis A1 GPS Analog Radio

As the cost of amateur radio licenses has decreased, more and more people have become involved in the field, and the demand for amateur radio equipment has increased. In order to meet this market demand, especially considering that enthusiasts often participate in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, Retevis has launched an affordable and feature-rich GPS walkie-talkie – A1 UV band Ham radio. Not only does this walkie-talkie offer great value for money, but it also comes with a host of useful features that make it stand out from its peers.

The following are the main features of A1 UV band Ham radio:

1.IP67 waterproof

This means it will keep working even when used in rainy or humid conditions, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

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2. GPS positioning function

This feature allows HAM radio users to share each other’s location and distance while traveling. In an emergency, the GPS function can also help rescuers quickly locate and find radio users in need of help, greatly improving the safety of outdoor activities.

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3. Radio alias display

Similar to the Talk Alias function of digital machines, users can edit and display their own aliases in the settings. When a signal is transmitted, the receiver will see the alias of the transmitter, which not only increases the fun of using the walkie-talkie but also facilitates identification between users.

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4. Support AM aviation band reception

In VFO mode, users can directly input aviation frequencies within 108-136Mhz for reception. This function is very useful for aviation enthusiasts or users who need to monitor aviation frequency bands.

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5. NOAA Weather Forecast Features

Users only need to press and hold the Exit button for 2 seconds to enter the weather forecast interface and select the channel. Once turned on, the weather channel will be displayed on the secondary channel, while the main channel remains on standby, ready to receive walkie-talkie signals. If you are on standby on a certain weather channel, an alarm will sound when there is a weather alarm. This is very practical for outdoor activities, as you can learn about weather changes in advance and make corresponding preparations.

6. Multiple information display modes

Users can cycle between VFO, channel name, channel frequency, and channel number to easily view various information.

7. TYPE-C direct charging and cradle charging

Using the modern and universal TYPE-C interface, whether it is direct charging or dock charging, it is very convenient and has strong compatibility, so there is no need to worry about charging problems.

To sum up, Retevis A1 GPS Analog Radio is feature-rich, which is very suitable for amateur radio enthusiasts and users who often participate in outdoor activities.

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