Retevis 2024 New Ham Radios

Retevis develop new ham radios this year, to offer you good quality radio with more functions. You can explore more fun with them.

Let us have  a look and there must be one you are interested.

1, HD2 DMR

a, Bluetooth earpiece

b, IP67 waterproof

c,Sub-PTT function

d,500000 contacts + 1000 priority contacts


2,A61 Analog ham radio

a, Dual band
b, AM: 108-136MHz (only receive)
c, IP67 waterproof and dustproof
d, FM(65~108Mhz)
e, GPS


3,RA89 Analog ham radio

a, IP68 Waterproof Rating
b, High Power and Long Range
c, Support USB-C Charging
d, Intelligent Noise Reduction
e, Support CHIRP Programming


4, RA79  Analog ham radio

a, Dual Band with Multi-Band Receiving
b, AM Airband Receiving
c, 10 Group Scrambler
d, Support USB-C Charging
e, Support CHIRP Programming

The abouve are our main ham radios this year, they have updated a lot of new features comparing to old ham radios, there are a lot to explore , after you use them, you can tell us your suggestions and reviews, we can develop a better ham radio together.


Retevis welcome new resellers and OEM brand partners, to realize win-win cooperation, if you are interested in, please feel free to email to

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