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Retevis New Radio P62 For Construction

Retevis New Radio P62 For Construction

On construction sites, effective communication between employees is crucial to keeping everyone safe and ensuring projects are completed on time. The Retevis P62 long-distance radio is specially designed for construction scenarios. It has many features and functions to meet the communication needs of construction workers. This article will introduce some of the special features of P62.

1/ Reduction function

The P62 adopts analog reception noise reduction technology, which can effectively reduce the impact of environmental noise on call quality. This means that in noisy construction site environments, users can hear each other more clearly, improving communication efficiency.

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2/High power and long-distance

The Retevis P62  has an adjustable 10w high power, which can achieve ultra-long distance calls. In large construction sites, workers may be scattered in different locations, and traditional communication equipment often cannot cover every corner. The high-power design of the p62 can solve this problem and ensure unimpeded communication between workers.

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3/Support multiple frequency

P62 is a UV band Radio that can use uhf and vhf frequencies. This means that users can choose the most suitable frequency for communication according to the actual situation, improving the stability and reliability of communication. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can get good communication results.

4/Long battery life

The P62 comes with a battery with a capacity of 2500mah and has a long battery life. At the same time, it also has a power-saving function that can extend the life of the battery. During long working hours, users do not need to charge frequently and can focus more on their work.

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5/Type-c charging

The P62 adopts a type-c direct charging design, which can be charged more conveniently. Users do not need to carry an additional charger when working outdoors.

6/Falling alarm function

The P62 has a fall alarm function, which can be turned on or off by pressing two side buttons at the same time. When the user accidentally falls to the ground, the device will automatically trigger an alarm to remind people around him to pay attention and provide timely help.

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7/VOX function

It has Vox functions with voice control levels 1-7. Users can choose the appropriate vox level according to their needs, freeing their hands and providing convenience.

8/Durable and reliable

The construction site is a challenging environment that places high demands on the durability and reliability of equipment. The P62  has IP68-level waterproof performance and uses high-quality materials to resist various harsh environmental conditions, such as dust, water, and vibration. Whether in high or low-temperature environments, it can work normally and always maintain good communication results.

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In short, whether in a construction site or other similar scenarios, the p62 high power radio can provide stable and reliable communication services, improving work efficiency and safety. Any questions or inquiries about P62 radio, please feel free to contact

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