How does RT3S start scanning?

How does RT3S start scanning?

Scan is a function that you can hear or join others calls.

RT3S digital walkie-talkie has digital mode and analog mode, and the scanning methods in the two modes are also different. So how to start scanning?

Scanning in Analog Mode:

The premise that can be scanned: the channel setting of the radio that is talking needs to be consistent with the frequency and CTC/DCS settings of the scanning radio

1. Add a scan list, then set the scan list to the added scan list in the channel settings, such as scan list 1, and click automatic scan in the channel settings

2. Add the channels you want to scan in the corresponding scan list. Unadded channels cannot be scanned.

3. You can set the shortcut key of scanning in the buttons definition, such as setting side button 1 to short press to turn on/off scan.

Then you can use the scan function.

Scanning in digital mode:

1. Find Scan in the menu Item and tick Scan.

2. Add a scan list, and then set the scan list as the added scan list in the channel settings; if the scan list is not set, the scan will not be enabled.

3. Add group call contact, because it cannot be scanned during a single call

4. Set the scan list and add the channels to be scanned

It should be noted that when scanning is turned on and the channel that is on the call is scanned, it is necessary to press PTT within a short period of time to be able to transmit on the scanned channel; otherwise, pressing the walkie-talkie will automatically switch to the default working channel.

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