What communication tools do you use on construction sites

What communication tools do you use on construction sites

With the rapid development of the times and the pace of technology, it is  common to see buildings with various characteristics in life now, as well as buildings that are being built and not yet completed.
So when working in the construction sites, what kind of the communication tools are recommended for use? I recommend the following 3 kind of walkie-talkies:

1/ RT29  Long Range UHF Two-way Radio

RT29 is long range radio, it  has 5 versions:black UHF / UHF (IP67) / VHF/ VHF ( IP67) and orange UHF, customers can choose according to their usage scenarios.

1/ High-power, long distance wakie talkies for business and outdoor.
2/ High-capacity battery with long standby time and long working time.
3/Waterproof version
4/ Clear sound quality
5/ One-key emergency alarm function

2/ RT81 Dual Time Slot High Power IP67 UHF DMR Radio

RETEVIS RT81 two way radio, UHF/VHF, High Output Power, IP67, Digital /Analog mode is compatible DMR ,
1. RT81 IP67 Waterproof radio
2.Digital Encryption
3. Long Battery Life
4.Crystal Sound
5. Sturdy Body
6. High/Low Power Selection
7. Private/Group Call
8.Compatible with both analog and digital modes
9. Dual Time Slot
10. UHF/VHF dual-band radio

3/ RB48/RB648 Waterproof Heavy Duty Walkie Talkies

RB48 and RB648 are the new released from Retevis. They are the best walkie-talkies for construction

1/ The yellow and black match is very bright,

2/IP67 standard, complete protection from dust and withstands water immersion for 30-minutes in 1 meter deep water.

3/Shock resistant, can withstand 2 meter drop, with rugged anti-slip design for more assured handling.

4/Dual PTT keys, regular side keys PTT and front oversized PTT, large PTT keys design, construction workers wearing gloves, in the work can also accurately operate the intercom, keep the call.

5/2000mAh Large battery, working time up to about 12 hours, in the work of free from charging

6/NOAA weather alert, you can receive emergency alerts for various life-threatening weather events and be prepared in advance.

7/Type-C charging and dual charging base, adapted to a variety of power supplies, charging more convenient.

8/Easy to view LCD display, and the big PTT button in the middle of the front, even if you are wearing gloves can also be operated

If you’re interested in them or have any question, please feel free contact me.

Retevis welcome new resellers and  OEM brand partners, to realize win win cooperation, if you are interested in, please feel free to email to laura@retevis.com.





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