RB29 used in club

How does the RB629 perform in a club?

In general, what is your feeling about the club? Is it noisy, relax, or passionate? However, if you stay in the club every day, how is your feeling? According to the customer, he said he was troubled by noise and wished there was a way to communicate without having to speak out loud. We recommend RB629, maybe it is not the best radio, but RB629 is the suitable radio for him. Because it is a license-free radio, so the customer didn’t worry about the license. And the universal 2- pin jack can accommodate a variety of noise-reducing headphones C9216A.

rb629 noise reduction solution

And let’s take a look at the client’s working environment

In the workplace, the workers should contact each other frequently, but it is difficult. So, a high-quality radio RB629 and the noise reduction earpiece are necessary.

And there are some advantages to compare the RB629 and RB85 radio.

  • RB629 is license-free radio, so every worker can use it without a license, but RB85 is a licensed radio.
  • The noise-canceling or noise reduction earpieces are accommodated with RB629, and it works well. But for intelligent noise reduction radio RB85, if you use an earpiece, the function doesn’t work. And in this environment, an earpiece is more useful.
  • The RB629 is more cost-effective and its price is relatively cheap, so it is more attractive to business customers than the RB85.

Therefore, the use of RB629 in clubs is very good, and we encourage more customers to share their using experience with us, we will optimize and improve our products through customer feedback, and strive to bring customers better products and services.

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