How To Set RT3S Factory Default?

Retevis radio RT3S is a dual band DMR radio, support both analog mode and digital mode,  with up to 3000 channels and owns GPS version. Some customers ask how to set RT3S factory default? Here is how to set .

First : you need download the software from our website:

You can open the website and click the support, you will find the corresponding soft ware: if yours are RT3Swith GPS, choose the GPS software:

Second: After you download the software, link the radio with your computer by the programming cable and make sure the radio is power on state: You will see the software like this:

Third:  Install the software and open it ,(usually it will install on your desktop automatically. Then click Read , it will read your frequency from your radio.

Four: Click the file and open it

Five: Choose the RT3S GPS codeplug, this is the factory defaults.

Six: Then write on your radio, then your radio saves the factory default.


Then you successfully  set RT3S factory default.  But remember our RT3S software only support windows system. For digital radio, its encryption function is better than other radios, can protect your private and it also can set single call , group call and all call. It is a good choice for radio lover.

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  1. Many thanks. My car club has a few of these radios and when they get this fault (won’t transmit or receive) the CPS won’t connect. Previously with one of the radios after a power up factory reset the cps and firmware update all worked.

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