How to Program the Software of RB28?

Retevis RB28 is our newly released free license radio. It has the basic functions like VOX , SCAN, NOAA weather. Which is a good choice for business use and personal use. Some functions can be changed manually by keypad, some are not. Today we teach you how to program the software of RB28.

Here is steps about how to program RB28 software:

First: You need download the RB28 software from the website:

You can open the website and click the ” Support”, then you will find its software: our software only support windows system.

Second: Link your RB28 radio to the computer by a programming cable( C9018A) Install the software on your computer and open it, choose the  right “COM” port , and then you can click “READ”, the software will read from your radio.

Third: After read successfully from the radio, you can click the ‘Edit” and then open the optional features: You can choose to change the feature you like and define the key set to your own function.

Here is an introduce about the functions:

VOX : You can talk without pressing PTT

Beep: keypad voice

Squelch: the level to filter call background sound

Key Set:Define the key function

Four: After you change the function you like, then click ” Write” , then the changes will be saved to your radio, you can reopen it and check if you successfully program the software of RB28.


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