How many Noise Reduction Headphones are available?

Some customers who inquire Noise Reduction Headphone, it can be used many occasions, such as noisy factory, race track and construction site. Retevis newly released EHK007-M/K Electronic Pickup and Noise Reduction Headphones and High-Quality Rear Mounted Noise Reduction Earmuff, this protects your ears from damage in noisy environments. Besides, Retevis also has 3 Noise-Canceling headsets, they have their characteristics, let us learn them together.

1. EH070K2 pin Binaural Noise Reduction Headphone, SKU: C9078A

It with high Elastic Metal Bracket, Good Quality, Good Strength, is a super-soft comfortable head cushion and ear cover, wear comfortable, its loudspeaker adjustable volume, the highest -24db noise reduction.

2. Noise-Canceling Finger PTT Headphone Headset SKU: C9067A

It is easy to operate with three PTT, finger PTT makes the application more extensive, with VOX function, and dual microphone application makes transmission of speech clearer. It is much lighter than C9078A, is more comfortable to wear.

3. 2 Pin Noise Cancelling Walkie Talkie Single Headset, SKU: C9126A

Unlike the first two noise-canceling headphones, this is noise cancel a single earpiece, the purpose of this design is to listen to outside sounds while communicating. Simultaneously, with a noise reduction function.

Compatibility: It is suitable for all walkie-talkies with Kenwood 2 pins; E.g KENWOOD RETEVIS TYT and so on.

4. EHK007-M Electronic Pickup and Noise Reduction Headphone and EHK007-K Electronic Pickup and Noise Reduction Headphones

Tactical earphones have the design of penetration and transmission of environmental sound, so that the wearer can obtain natural and clear sound transmission as if he did not wear communication earphones, and can hear all kinds of situations and conditions. Level 4 volume adjustment, average noise reduction 28dB.They also are waterproof earpieces, waterproof grade IPx4.

EHK007-K Electronic Pickup and Noise Reduction Headphones compatibility: For Radios with standard 2 prong Kenwood.

EHK007-M Electronic Pickup and Noise Reduction Headphones compatibility: many more that require a dual pin plug (standard 2 prong Motorola):

Applications: Shooting range, Blasting place.

Besides, Retevis also released EHN001/EHN002 Black High-Quality Noise Reduction Earmuff, SKU are C9151A, and  C9151B.

The built-in sound-absorbing sponge inside the earmuffs, large earmuffs (100*77mm) with soft leather ear pad Increase wearing comfort and confined coverage to reduce external noise. average noise reduction 32dB.

EHN001 Headwear: suitable for use without a helmet, such as shooting;Here is the link:

EHN002 Rear-mounted: It is suitable for use when wearing helmets. It is mainly used for workers wearing helmets on the construction site. Here is the link:

If you or your employees work on noisy places, such as airport, night club, concert, heavy industry factory, shooting range, you always can consider noise Cancelling Headsets, according to your specific needs, you can choose one of them, if you don’t clear how to choose them, please contact freely.

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