How to build the Car repeater System?

Retevis RT97 is the mini mobile repeater, you can build the car repeater system.

You need to use:

  1. RT97 Portable Repeater
  2. 5M Coaxial Cable
  3. Stainless Steel Mobile Radio Antenna
  4. Mobile Car Vehicle Antenna Mount Bracket
  5. Car Charger Cable

Install power and host

Car Power- Take power from the car cigarette lighter.Connect 4P connector to RT97 Repeater.

Mounting bracket and antenna

Mobile Car Vehicle Antenna Mount Bracket.

The structure is very flexible, Can be installed on almost all models. And the installation is also very convenient.

1, Loosen the clamp screw

2, Remove the wear pad

3,Screw into the car

4, The bracket is buckled to the edge of the door.

5, Install anti-wear gaskets and Tighten the screws.

After the bracket is fixed, the antenna is installed.Install the Connector socket to the bracket. The antenna is mounted to the base. Tianzheng antenna position,Tighten the screws to complete.

Power-on test

Turn on the car power system, the transfer station is turned on normally. After the car is turned off, the transfer station is also closed.

Repeater test

  1. Uplink frequency: 407.41250Mhz
  2. Downstream frequency: 417.41250Mhz
  3. CTCSS´╝Ü127.3
  4. Frequency difference: 10Mhz

Now the RT97 Car repeater System is successful.

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  1. Robert Clark

    There are 3 steps to building a radio repeater. Step 1: Prepare design drawings. Step 2: arrange and install according to the drawings. Step 3: test and use.

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