How RT81 communicate with RT81P?

How RT81 communicate with RT81P?

Many users of Retevis radios are familiar with RT81. As a durable and economical choice in digital radios, RT81 is always people’s first choice. RT81 has IP67 waterproof, no screen, but sturdy and durable; high power, it can reach a longer call distance. There are digital mode and analog mode optional. It has encryption to ensure the privacy of the call. In digital mode, group call and all call are possible. Whether it is for commercial use, industrial use or personal use, it is a good choice.

In the process of using by users, we have been receiving enthusiastic and patient feedback from users. Therefore, RT81 has a new upgraded version, the dual time-slot RT81P. Yes, our previous RT81 is a single time-slot version. This will have certain restrictions on the experience when using it. I believe that our upgraded version will definitely bring you a different and fresh experience.

It is good to have an upgraded version, but users will also worry about whether we can use the new version together with the old version? We need to program on the software, and they can communicate with each other after programming.

Here are the steps to programme RT81 and RT81P:

1. You need to install USB driver and software, please kindly note the new version’s software is different from the old version. You can find the new version’s software under the support page, and please make sure to install the driver before installing the software.

Old version of the software You can leave us a message or email us to get it. Their firmware is the same, here is the link:

It should be noted that they cannot be programmed on the same computer at the same time. Please uninstall the corresponding software after programming one of the versions, and then install another version of the software for programming.

2. You need a programming cabel(C9018A):

3. Connect your computer and the radio with the programming cable, and make sure all connections are tight, in good connecting status.

4. Open the software and your radio, choose the correct port. You can find the port from the device manager.

5. Read from the radio.
You can set the channel information.

6. Write to the radio.

7. Then program another version of the radio, make their settings the same and save it.

If you have any questions, please leave messages below.

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      1. Please send me the older version of this RT81 software. I only find the new version on your website.

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