Retevis Dual-Way window Interphone application scenarios

The window interphone is a duplex radio, which makes two persons communication at one time, so the window Interphone application scenarios are very wide

1. The Bank institution

Normally, the bank needs safety and privacy. In order to make workers communicate the clients with safety, there’s a window interphone between them

window Interphone application scenarios

Retevis RT9908 always was chosen for the bank application


The similar application scenario, like the ticket window of the railway station

Retevis window Interphone

2. The restaurant and store

It may not common situations, some restaurants, and stores, both need the window interphone for a talking tool in daily

3. The embassy

Before I have a client from the embassy, who need the window interphone for the office hall

Actually, I don’t completely clear how they use RT9908 window interphone, I guess that they should be the workers of the embassy communicate with visitors

Besides RT9908 window Interphone, there’re other window interphones for option, like Retekess TW101, TW102, TW103, TW104, TW105, and TW106

Even if the appearance hasn’t a big difference, but they have different features, attached a photo below you may learn more clear

Which on you prefer? if you want to learn more, welcome to contact us by email,

We met the window Interphone application scenarios aren’t too much if you have a new application scenario that needs a window Interphone, welcome to leave messages

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