How to add channel on RT82 by hand?

RT82 is Dual Band DMR radio, Compatible with Mototrbo TierⅠ&Ⅱ, Group call match(promiscuous), Private call match(promiscuous), etc. Besides these, RT82 has a very convenient function, add channel on RT82 by hand is easy, it will bring you lot of convenience.

This is easily used when you have no computer available at hand, it seems amazing, right? (Sure,you have to click Program Radio in RT82 software in software in advance. )

Several steps to add channel on RT82 by hand.

Step A: Add channel

1.Make sure RT82 is not in VFO mode ( because in VFO mode, we can not add channel.)
2.In MR or channel mode
Menu–>Utilities–>Program Radio–>Add Ch–>Digital–>Enter Ch name(like elsa)–RX frequency–TX frequency—Choose Contact–Add channel Saved.

Step B: Add the saved to channel to Zone

Menu–Zone–Zone list–Zone 1–Add channel—Choose the channel you added before to channel A–Add channel Successful.

Exit to the main Menu—Switch the channel to the Added channel(switch to CH mode)

RT82 add channel
Step C: Make balance settings inside Added channel
In current added channel–Menu–Utilities–Program Radio–Frequeny, channel name we already editted in first step when Add channel, choose the Color code–Time slot–Mic Level, Vox etc.

Exit—All finished. Channel “elsa” has made all settings by hand. You can talk with other partners now!

Let’s double confirm this channel is setted successfully in RT82 software.

Click Read from Radio, we will see the added channel info.

RT82 software
Done! Any other question about adding RT82 channel by hand, please feel free to comment on. Thank you!

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