Do you know how to adjust H777S squelch level?

Walkie talkies have a common function:squelch function.However,how much do you know about squelch function,how to adjust it?let us learn it together.

In the wireless communication of wireless walkie-talkies, background noise will occur inevitably. background noise will affect call quality, so most walkie-talkies have squelch function.

If the squelch level is lower, the background noise of opening the radio speaker will be higher, and the communication range is further. if you communicate with your partner in a noisy environment, such as in the city, you need adjust a high squelch level.but in open area, such as in the wild, the leve is a little lower.

Let learn how to operate it.

1. Please programm H777S.

Please install USB driver and software from

In addition, you also need a program is the link:

2. Please connect your radio to computer,please select correct , keep the plug connect radio tight. Finally, after everything is set, turn on your radio.

3. Click “Program”—“Read from radio”, as is the following shows:

4. You can select squelch level, there are 0-9 numerical value. The default setting of squelch level is 5,0 is the lowest level, you can adjust it as needed.When you feel that the communicate quality is not good, please adjust it.

In short,  in the wireless walkie-talkie communication, to meet the communicate conditions, in order to avoid noise as much as possible, according to the changes in the environment and conditions,  depending on the situation and adjust the squelch adjustment level, the wireless walkie-talkie is in the best status.

If you want to know more and have any question,please contact freely,I will help you freely.

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