How to unlock RT5 ?

RT5 have the lock function,it will make our walkie talkies very safety.After you set up the walkie-talkie,keypad lock prevents you from wrong operation.So when you hiking,put the walkie-talkie in the pocket,you don’t worry change some numerical value,and don’t worry about losing contact with your partner.However,for those unfamiliar with walkie-talkies,it is difficult to unlock when radio is locked.they can not unlock to set the frequency or channel or any thing else.they also can’t get into the menu because it is locked.So what should we do when RT5 is locked? Today,let us learn this how to operate this function together.

At first,please program RT5 by software.

Please download USB universal driver and RT5 software from Retevis official website freely:

Please connect  your walkie talike to computer using a program cable C9018A,you can get it from Retevis official website:

Here is the blog: can reference RT5 program step by step.

When you locked the RT5 accidently,It will have a lock sign,as is the following shows:

When have the lock sign,you can not change  the frequency or channel ,You can’t get into the menu.

If you want to unlock,just press” #”key for 2 seconds to unlock the keypad.

If you want to lock again,please press” #”key for 2 seconds to lock.

It is very easy,right?This is a very pratical function,please try it.

If you have any question,please contact freely,I will always help you here.


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