How to choose business walkie talkie?

How to choose business walkie talkie?

If you want to have a two way radio,You would have to first determine what purpose you would be using them. Then maybe you need to check your local laws to determine if a license is required to operate these business walkie talkies and what frequencies in your country.

Based on the your business requirements, legal requirements you would have to decide the type of wireless devices you plan to buy. Then you need to evaluate the specifications from various vendors and decide on the price aspect.

If you want to buy a business walkie talkie,there are four things you need to think about:

  • Range– Its a most important for long length communication and you should Know where you will use. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of frequencies:VHF(Very High Frequency) & UHF(Ultra High Frequency); If you used in city,maybe UHF is more suitable; But if you used in a mountainous area or Little obstacles,  you can choose UHF.
  • Channel – channel is most important to communicate more people. And Retevis RT27 offer 35 channel with 70 privacy codes. RT7 & H777 also offer 16 channel with 32 privacy codes. The general commercial use can be satisfied.
  • Power watts– Choose at least 2 watts device.
  • Waterproof – Its a plus point for your device. Retevis RT50  is  ok. It is 10W IP67 DMR Digital Dual Time UHF Radio, and become widely used.

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