Retevis PoC radio -RT51

Retevis RT51, the Poc radio, using mobile data SIM card to make the private call or group call in whole country. No distance Limited. Unlike conventional walkie-talkies which transmit directly to each other and so only work over a few miles maximum, these walkie-talkies use the mobile phone network and can work over unlimited distances – provided they are used in areas with mobile phone coverage.

Is RT51 a conventional walkie talkie?


The answer is no, it is neither a dmr radio nor a analog radio. It is a Network Radio, Only inserting a Sim card can be used.


Which card can be used on this radio?

This version just support the US AT&T and T-Mobile service. For the SIM card, it is mobile data SIM card with the LTE& WCDMA 4G network system.


What’s the main functions?

  • 2G 3G 4G Switch Automatically
  • All Call/Group Call/Private Call
  • No distance Limited to communicate
  • GPS function


How to set this radio?

There will be 3 systems to control this radio:

Programming software system

Press the sidekey1 then turn on the radio,Login in the account and password, you can program your radio.

Smart Ptt Mnagement Platform

Add the devices, set the group information like group name, group member.

POC intelligent dispatch system

From the program sofiware, we get the IP address then log in this system. You can track the device, private call or group call here!


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8 thoughts on “Retevis PoC radio -RT51”

    1. Sorry, now there just have the US version, and could you please tell me what’s the meanings of (3G Band 1, 3 and 8, 4G Band 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20)?

  1. Is the yearly plan an unlimited plan, are there any restrictions to data usage and PTT time. and which cell company network does data plan use?

    1. Hello, the Annual subscription fee is not your sim card Carrier plan. For our RT51, we support the T-MOBILE or AT&T

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