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How to choose the business radios for your business?

How to choose the business radios for your business? As a manager, you have to know how to improve the efficiency of your staff, and you have to know how to spend and save money. And I have seen a manager posted a question “What should one consider when looking to buy a walkie-talkie (two-way radio) system for business use?”

And many business radio users and two-way radio amateurs said, check the frequency range of the radio, and you can find it on FCC official website. And someone says you can choose analog business radios for a lower price, etc.

Now, I can recommend some different two-way radios according to your workplaces.

RA25 is a mobile radio, you can install it in your cars or trucks. It is the best choice for farmers, Engineer drivers, and other drivers.

You can install the RA25 on your worktop, it is small and easy to use. You can use the mic to talk with others, and the buttons are bigger than the handheld radio, so you can easily find it and use it when you are driving. And if you want to expand the communication distance, you can use a long high-gain antenna to achieve your needs. And other information can link to Retevis RA25–20Watt GMRS Mobile Radio

If you are always work in dust or wet environment, how can you choose the business radio?

IP67 standard support function should be the most important factor. IP67 means a high level of waterproof and dustproof function. RT47 can help you do better. R47 is an analog IP67 business radio for the construction industry. There are three versions of the frequency range, they are FRS for Canada, the United States, and some countries in South America. PMR446 can be used in European countries. And MURS can be used in the United States. RT47 has no keyboard and function keys, so it is easy to use, and the manager just sets up the functions of two side keys for staff.


More information can be found: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/index.php/retevis-rt47-offer-you-more-options/



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