Motorcycling kit operation and installation

Motorcycling kit installing and operating process

If you’ve watched our live stream of motorcycle kits, you should know how to use and install the various parts. If you missed it, this blog will give you an insight into how the pieces work and how to tweak and optimize the kit.

Here are 3 parts of the motorcycle kit: the antenna with an antenna cable, the radio, and the earpiece with handlebar PTT.


How to install them on your motorcycle?

  1. Install the antenna on the back of your motorcycle.
  2. Remove the original antenna from the radio, and change to the mobile high gain antenna by antenna cable.
  3. Find the right areas of the left and right ears area. Sticking the earpieces in your helmet.
  4. Find the mouth area, and stick the boom mic in your helmet. And you can wear your helmet to adjust the position.
  5. Connecting with the RT5 radio, and generate the lines.
  6. Fixed the PTT on your handlebar. The hook and loop can help you fixing and removing the PTT button easily.

Also, we can recommend the other two solutions to meet your needs.

  • the simple solution.

If the communication distance is enough for you, you can use the original antenna. That means you can only order an RT5 radio and earpieces. You can stick the earpieces in your helmet, and fixed the PTT button on the handlebar. It is a simple solution.

  • the enhanced solution.

If you want to achieve a longer communication distance. You can change the RT5 radio to a mobile radio. However, the mobile radio should connect with your motorcycle battery. And you should fix the mobile radio on your motorcycle. This mobile radio is small but strong. The keys are on the top of the radio, and you can easily find and operate them. If you want to extend the communication distance, you can change the small antenna to a long high-gain antenna.


The long high-gain antenna can extend the 25 times distance range than other FRS radios. So, the enhanced solution can use in many scenarios, especially in the field and high way.

How do you think of them? Can this motorcycling kit meet your needs?

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